The Salzburg Women’s Run is more than a sportive competition! The event helps to illuminate the topic healthiness of breast and the positive impact of endurance training on it. It also supports a project for healthiness of breast by the “Österreichische Krebshilfe Salzburg“ (association helping people suffering from cancer in Austria). It will be possible to donate for that project at the Salzburg Women’s Run.
Breast cancer is a very important topic. Many women in Austria suffer from this dangerous illness. Good to know: It is possible to heal it, if you recognize it early enough.
The project contributes a lot to raise the awareness for the topic and help concerned persons.
You can get more information about the organization and its project here:

Donate by running for the healthiness of women: Beside the fun while moving there is another important aspect of the Women’s Run Salzburg: the charitable one.

Healthiness of breast is no implicitness!

In Austria, more than 5,000 women come down with breast cancer yearly. This means, more than 10 per cent of Austrian Women get in contact with such a diagnosis in their life. This fact is a strong reason for the “Österreichische Krebshilfe Salzburg“ and the Women's Run Salzburg to indicate, that breast cancer can be heald if early identified. A healthy nutrition and doing sports definitively do reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Donation at Salzburg Women's Run

Besides the direct donations of the participants, the total proceeds of the “Tombola", the total proceeds from the cake-sale of the “Tages-Eltern-Zentrum“ and a direct donation from organiser Ruth Langer (€ 1,- per finisher) are donated to “Österreichische Krebshilfe Salzburg“. In addition, the partners of the Salzburg Women's Run will participate in the charity initiative, including the catering partners Daimler's, Mucho Gusto and Espresso mobil.